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2 Manchester United – 0 Benfica 3 Roma – 0 Chelsea 1 Sporting CP – 1 Juventus

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This Incredibly Rare Salamander Species Was Just Found For The First Time in 42 Years

A species of salamander that hasn’t been seen since 1975 has been rediscovered alive and kicking in Guatemala. The biologists who have spent years searching for it are understandably delighted, and it’s also potentially good news for the ecology of ...

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Autopsy Finds Fatal Head Injury Caused Korean Actor Kim Joo Hyuk’s Death

SEOUL: An autopsy on actor Kim Joo Hyuk who was killed in a car crash on Monday (Oct 30) in Seoul, revealed that he died from a fatal head injury. Police and the National Forensic Service (NFS) said on Tuesday ...

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Woman photographs ‘UFO’ over Reef

ARE aliens intent on invading the Great Barrier Reef? A Cairns woman has photographed, what she believes, is a UFO flying off Fitzroy Island, while she was sailing back to the mainland from a reef fishing trip on Saturday afternoon. ...

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Tunnel At Nuclear Test Site In North Korea Collapses With As Many As 200 Workers Killed

As many as 200 construction workers are feared dead after the collapse of a tunnel at a nuclear test site in North Korea, according to a Japanese media report. The tunnel was being built at the Punggye-ri test site when ...

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