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ASEAN – VIETNAM: The Bảy Núi Ox Race Festival

The Bảy Núi Ox Race took place as part of the Khmer ethnic group’s Sen Dolta Festival, in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang on September 19th. This annual event features races between the fastest oxen in the region, and attracted tens of thousands of people this year. Let’s now join the festive atmosphere in An Giang Province.

64 pairs of oxen gathered at the race track early in the morning to prepare. Thousands of people attended the event to cheer the contestants on. All ox.

DUONG NGOC LUY (Transcript)
Tri Ton District, An Giang Province
They seem to be trained for year and look very professional. I think if they are not, they’ll get knocked out in the first round.

At noon, more people gather at Tà Pạ Pagoda, where the contest took place to enjoy the racing. The races become more competitive as the day goes on.

HUYNH VAN NGOAN (Transcript)
They raced very hard. Some even fell but still continued. It’s very exciting.

After 64 races , Chau Sun’s pair from Tân Lợi Commune, Tịnh Biên District won.

CHAU SUN: Oxen owner (Transcript)
I’m delighted. I maybe celebrate this for two days.

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