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Man Spotted Clinging On To Windscreen Wipers Of Fast-Moving Train

A man in Perth, Australia, risked his life by deciding to take the train not by boarding it, but hanging on to the slim wipers of its windscreen.

The train was leaving Leederville Station for Glendalough around 4.30pm on Saturday, before a Main Roads employee spotted the 23-year-old man climbing onto the rear of the train, according to ABC News.

A Facebook user by the name of Lace Stone managed to record the daring stunt of the man train-surfing, while the train was moving with speeds up to 110 kilometres per hour.

The Main Roads employee immediately notified the Public Transport Authority (PTA), and the man was arrested by PTA officers at Stirling Station.

According to PTA spokesman David Hynes, the man could easily have died from the idiotic stunt.

“He was clinging on to a windscreen wiper — were he to fall it’s a very unfriendly and unreceptive surface with ballast and rail and concrete sleepers, he would have almost certainly been killed, if not badly injured.

“They want to get on YouTube, they want mainstream publicity so they don’t try to get themselves caught, so we don’t often know about it until it’s well after the event,” said Hynes.

Man Spotted Clinging On To train Windscreen…

It was the first time PTA had to deal with such an act.

Australian Transport Minister Rita Saffioti said an investigation will be launched, and advised the public to not endanger themselves with careless stunts.

“People shouldn’t be acting stupidly around our rail line, these are serious pieces of infrastructure and they can cause death and of course they can cause serious injuries” said Saffioti.

Following his foolish stunt, the man could face charges for trespassing on PTA property.

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