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BawalScarf by Aidijuma launches its ‘Scarf Machine’

FANS of ‘BawalScarf’ by Aidijuma can now keep their eyes peeled for the ‘Aidijuma Scarf Machine’, a fashion truck going around the country selling the brand’s popular headscarves and shawls.

The Aidijuma Scarf Machine was launched during an open house event held at The Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong with the theme ‘#AidijumaSweetRaya’.

The founder, Datin Norjuma binti Habib Mohamed in a press conference yesterday explained that the Aidijuma Scarf Machine is a travelling truck that sells the Aidijuma scarf collections.

The fashion truck can be seen in a number of selected locations in the country offering more than 5,000 pieces of various collections of BawalScarfs by Aidijuma ranging from square scarves, satins, cottons and shawls.

She further added that, the Scarf Machine will start travelling to several allocated locations in the country starting next week as part of promoting their collection and offering their best prices to their customers.

She added that by promoting their collections via the Scarf Machine it will enable them to meet their fans directly in certain villages and rural areas who have no or limited access to their physical concept store.

“We understand that some of our customers have certain difficulties such as transport, therefore, by bringing the scarves to them it would be easier for them to purchase the collections directly from us,” she said.

“The first Scarf Machine was launched in Malaysia last March, where the truck travels around Malaysia three times in a week. It has been gaining huge success in terms of selling and recently we just launched the #AidijumaTourFelda campaign.

“From this success, we wanted to bring the same idea and concept in Brunei to reach more women out there and not just the fans of BawalScarfs by Aidijuma by providing them opportunity to have access to our collections,” she added.

According to the founder, the Scarf Machine will travel 12 times a month around the country.

Not only that, the truck will also travel to neighbouring Sabah and Sarawak in order to increase the buzz around Aidijuma scarves.


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